06 July, 2015

Check out The Horrible State of Douglas Road Owerri

According to a blog reader who lives in the area, this is the new face of Douglas road in Owerri, Imo state.

See The Face of The Man Who Abandoned His Wife And Twins

Some people from some quarters are insinuating that this guy connived with his wife and pulled a fat one on Nigerians. By the way he looks well fed and the pain on his wife's face is evident here.

What do you think Guys?

Photos: Police parades Ikorodu Bank robbery suspects

The Lagos state police command today paraded 4 armed men suspected to have taken part in the bank robbery incident in Ikorodu on June 24th. The men identified as Monday Akpan, Bright Agbojule, Jafaru, and Baba Ibeji were arrested in Ondo and Lagos states yesterday July 5th. More photos of the men after the cut...

Man seen lying lifeless on Ojuelegba road (photos)

This man has been lying like this for some hours now on the express along Ojuelegba road, Surulere, Lagps. Cars are driving past, people are walking past. No one knows if he's dead but please can the right agency go see if he's OK?

Graphic photo: Fatal accident along Lokoja-Abuja expressway leaves 30 people dead

At least 30 people lost their lives in a fatal accident along the Lokoja-Abuja expressway yesterday July 5th. According to reports, the luxury bus, which was coming from Lagos and heading to Abuja ran into a road block mounted by armed robbers. As the bus was trying to manoeuvre its way, a Trailer truck filled with cows rammed into it, killing several people on the spot.

The heads of six of the victims were completely severed. Most of the people who died were sitting in the first seven rows of the bus The driver of the bus also died. Police were seen removing the bodies of the victims from the road earlier today...*Graphic pic from the scene after the cut...*

Photo: Mikel Obi's girlfriend Olga tries Nigerian food

Mikel Obi's girlfriend Olga trying pounded yam and Egusi..she shared the photo on instagram..

Emmanuel Emenike 'Converts' to Islam

Nigerian striker Emmanuel Emenike has sensationally said he is now a Muslim. According to Turkish daily Fanatik, Emenike had failed to join the squad up for breakfast on Saturday. Following Fenerbache coach Vitor Pereira’s probe into why he didn’t show up for breakfast on Saturday, Emenike replied “I’m fasting.”

But when Pereira replied: “You’re not a Muslim,” insisting that Emenike is a Christian, in response, the former Spartak Moscow player did not back down. “I became a Muslim, I am a Muslim,” he continued to claim.

See the Horrific Moment ISIS Child Killers Brutally Shot Dead 25 Syrian Soldiers in front of Bloodthirsty Crowd

ISIS has released a significant new execution video from the historic city of Palmyra, in the Syrian desert. Child executioners are shown in the video being forced to brutally slaughter a group of more than 25 regime soldiers.

The video shows the soldiers lined up on their knees on the stage of the Roman amphitheatre, which had formerly been used for an annual festival in the city. A baying crowd of men and boys gathered in the restored ruin waiting for the slaughter, many wearing military uniforms and headscarves.

Behind each condemned man stands a child executioner, all wearing desert camouflage and brown
bandanas, many of whom appear to be no older than 12 or 13 years old.

Lagos State Police Have Arrested Ikorodu Bank Robbers

The Lagos State Police Command Sunday night has revealed that four members of the gang that invaded two banks in Ikorodu on Wednesday, June 24, 2015 and carted away huge sums of money have been arrested. One of them was arrested in Ondo State during a stop and search inspection by some soldiers, when a huge sum of money was discovered on him. The other three were arrested in Lagos.

I Didn’t Fight My Wife, Neither Did I Beat Her- Former Benue Governor

The immediate past governor of Benue State, Gabriel Suswam, on Sunday denied either beating or having any quarrel with his wife as reported in some sections of the media this week. According to a statement signed by his aide, Joseph Tsavsar, the publication was a concoction of some mischief makers, and aimed at bringing Mr. Suswam down by all means.
“My attention has been drawn to news making the rounds on social media and newspapers that I was arrested in London last week. That report is full of mischief and aimed at slandering me and my dear wife. Please disregard any news about a squabble between me and my dear wife. We’re fine,” Mr. Suswam said in the statement.

His aide Mr Joseph also stressed that Suswan was not near United Kingdom at the time they reported he was.

04 July, 2015

Policewomen Cry: Our bosses punish us for refusing them sex

After 35 years of service, she retired as a Deputy Superintendent (DSP) from the Nigeria Police Force in 2002, while her squad mates did as Chief Superintendents, Assistant Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners. Wine glasses were raised up on the day they retired, all laughing and dancing to have served in the Force and retired alive, and not get killed while on the job. Nonetheless, she wasn’t happy and maybe she still isn’t.

13 years are gone now since her retirement, but anytime she remembers the treatments meted out to her by her male bosses, the agony returns. But for the passion she had for the job, she would have long quit, but she stood up, fought them with everything she has - for the most years she spent in the Force.

The male Police Officers were bent on frustrating her – and they succeeded, to some extent.

First, her promotion through the ranks was always delayed; second, her name was dropped at least twice from the inspectorate and assistant superintendent of police calls – promotional training courses for members of the Force; and finally, she was always asked to perform duties that were below her capability.

Whether her female colleagues succumbed to the threats of their senior male colleagues for them to have retired at higher levels in the Force than her, she couldn’t tell. “What I know is that I kept myself pure, I never compromised,” she looked in the eyes of Punch correspondent and managed to flash a brief smile.

Clara – real name withheld – joined the Nigeria Police Force when she was around 25. The Enugu State indigene, who pleaded not to be named for fear of being a target of attack, was young, pretty, slim, with a chocolate skin colour and a great dress sense. Unknown to her, these qualities endeared her to many of her male bosses. “I was getting too much attention from almost every senior male officer, and before I knew what was happening, I was being asked out by most of them. It took a while for me to know I was going to pay dearly for turning down their proposals,” she said.

She joined as a recruit, a spinster at that time, and immediately, she became a victim of sexual harassment. To make matters worse, she didn’t marry a policeman, which she said could have helped in stopping the harassment, but she chose to marry someone else, her true lover.

She said, “It was my passion while growing up to be a police officer. I just loved anyone in uniform. Thankfully, I had the requirements to join, so I applied and it was successful. I joined as a recruit at that time. But it wasn’t funny. I started becoming an object of attraction from my male bosses, which I really didn’t like. But it wasn’t mere attraction; they wanted to sleep with me. They asked me out many times, tried to lure me through gifts and promises of speedy promotion. I am glad to say it anywhere that I turned them down.

“To make it worse, I didn’t marry a member of the Force. Another man owned my heart. Probably if I had married a member of the Force – at least one of those I got proposals from – it would have been easier. The harassment wouldn’t have been as tough as I experienced.

“It wasn’t long before I realised I was going to pay for not giving in to them. Many times I was posted to places like the police cooperative, where my skills and knowledge were rendered useless. I had the physique and the intellect to be at better posts, even in the field. But they did not allow me to be at such posts. At least twice they removed my name from the lists of officers to go and study abroad. And to my surprise, they made it obvious to me that they were punishing me for refusing to have sex with them.”

These treatments ultimately led to her depression, but she found a way around it to still get on, without letting it affect her work.

“When it was becoming too obvious that I was suffering from depression, my husband asked me what was happening and I told him, but he kept on encouraging me. Of course, he couldn’t have done anything to stop them if he wanted me to stay in the Force,” she added. “He reminded me of the passion I had for the job and that kept me on. So at a point in time, after spending about 10 years in the Force, I got used to the threats and developed a stronger mind. My squad mates all left me behind because I was the only one that I knew whose promotion was delayed. Today, I’m a victor; I fought and I won. I didn’t let them determine what happened to me.”

Maybe she retired as a fulfilled police officer, but not as a happy one – an assumption based on her expression when she spoke with Saturday PUNCH in her Lagos residence on a cold evening past weekend.

Caught between two options
Clara is retired now, but there are presently other female police officers who are being sexually harassed by their male bosses; some of them spoke to our correspondent on the issue on the condition of anonymity.

They want to keep quiet – and say nothing about what they are passing through, especially if they want to keep their jobs. They cannot write petitions; they are scared – they said even if they do, the petitions might eventually land on their bosses’ tables, which could lead to an end of their careers ultimately. They don’t know whether they would be believed even if they complain. Hence, they are living with it.

Some weeks ago, our correspondent approached two policewomen, who retired in their booth after spending some time controlling the traffic along the Lagos-Ikorodu Expressway, to seek their thoughts on the issue. At first, they looked confused, but after being assured that their identities were never going to be disclosed, they caved in, and gave Saturday PUNCH an address where they could talk about it.

On the agreed day and time, they showed up in muftis.

“You can help us write about it, but don’t ever quote us, don’t show our faces. Don’t disclose where we live or our duty posts,” one of the two instructed. They agreed that Saturday PUNCHcould take their pictures only if it would not implicate them in any way.

Deal was done.

One of them, a dark-skinned woman, probably in her late 30s, told our correspondent that if she knew another job that was free of sexual harassment from male colleagues and bosses, she would opt for it. “But it is difficult getting such. Getting this one was not easy in the first place, not to talk of looking for another one,” she said.

When she was recruited into the Force a few years ago, she said she had no idea that apart from having the right skills, her fate on the job would depend on whether she could sleep with senior male officers.

She said, “I’ve been asked out several times by my bosses; they know I’m married, yet they still want to sleep with me. This is not something so strange to me because even before I joined the Force, it happened. Men like to ask ladies out whether they are married or not; they just don’t care. Unfortunately, I cannot do it. I am a faithful Christian and no matter the threat, I will never let them have their way. It’s not normal, I suppose.

“The only challenge I’m having right now is that my husband is not here in Lagos, so many of them don’t believe I am married. They usually ask me to produce my husband; meanwhile, I am not the type who wears wedding ring every time. I have told a senior female colleague about this many times, seeking advice on what to do, but it’s like there is nothing to do than to either maintain my stand or compromise.

“She told me if I compromise, it would help my career, but if I don’t, I will be persecuted. I have chosen the latter. I can never sell my body to climb the ladder of any career in life, no matter how juicy the offer is. When you are here, you cannot write petition against any boss like that, except if one is asking for trouble. A boss will always be a boss. When the matter goes up, it will still come down and one will be hurt more. That’s what this is all about. I think it happens in most organisations.”

It Is Satanic, Wicked & Suicidal For You To Think Of Slashing Our Salaries… Workers Tell Aregbesola

Labour members today led by the Chairman of Nigeria Labour Congress in the State, Mr. Jacob Adekomi, have addressed journalists warning that the plan of the State Governor to slash their salaries from January 2015 has been made known to them and it is unacceptable! They described the act as satanic, wicked and suicidal saying no Government should ever think of that not to talk of imagining it.
“It’s sad to inform the public that government had resolved to cut the salaries of public servants in Osun State by 50 per cent from January 2015 and we want to unequivocally say that it is unacceptable to the entire workforce in the State of Osun. It is satanic, wicked and suicidal for any government to arrive at this position after he had failed in his constitutional responsibilities for the past eight months.

Never will the workers accept this. The situation the state government found itself was a product of its systemic failure and any attempt to cut the salaries of workers in the state by one per cent will be vehemently resisted and will lead to unimaginable chaos,” the chairman said.

No Time! Ambode Comes to The Aid Of Mother Of Set Of Twins Husband Abandoned

The Governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode has come to the aid of the mother of a new set of twins whom her husband abandoned for having twins the 3rd time. Mrs Ruth Uche had come to Alausa Secretariat this week with all her children to seek for help. A reporter from The Nation however found her and interviewed her, which brought her to limelight. We also picked up the story and some people even suggested we raise money for her here. The good news however is that the Governor of the State is now interested in her case and we think it’s the best solution ever. Government money!

Boko Haram: President Buhari we are tired of 'I will!' - Kayode Ogundamisi

Following multiple killings by Boko Haram in recent times, political activist and a staunch Buhari supporter, Kayode Ogundamisi took to his twitter handle to call the president to action in the battle against Boko Haram. He said Nigerians are tired of 'I will' and need him to act fast. More tweets after the cut...

Photo of the day: Nigerian children living in IDP camp

This photo shows Nigerian children sitting on the groud as they wait for their meal. Hopefully this sad reality will soon be a thing of the past. Photo credit: A.S Aruwa

03 July, 2015

Photos: 9 year old Nigerian girl writes a book on Terrorism

9 year old girl Splendour Joe Abisoye has written a book on terrorism which she titled 'Effects of Terrorism on Children'. Little Miss Splendour presented her book to the Director, Defence Information, Major General Chris Olukolade in Abuja yesterday July 2nd.
In the book, Splendour shared her experience when she visited an IDP camp in the North and what some of the children there told her. Splendour was accompanied to the Army Headquarters by her parents Rev. and Mrs Joe King Abisoye. Receiving the book, Gen Olukolade applauded her for writing it. More photos after the cut...

I will employ illiterates into my govt, they voted for me - Ayo Fayose

Governor Fayose says he will be employing illiterates such as Okada riders, farmers etc into his government. See more tweets below...

Photos: APC NEC meeting: Buhari, Saraki, Dogara attend, Tinubu, Akande absent

President Buhari, Senator Bukola Saraki, Hon Yakubu Dogara and other party members are currently at the APC National secretariat to attend its inaugural National Executive Council meeting. Two of the party's chieftains, Bola Tinubu and Bisi Akande did not attend the meeting. Top on the agenda of the meeting is the crisis rocking the National Assembly. More pics after the cut...